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Welcome to the new home for all things MickyAnn!

I am so happy you have stopped by. I am Randi and MickyAnn is handcrafted jewelry with the intention of helping you tell your story. Stories are important to me. I do not have a chapter of my story I won’t share. I want to help you share the chapters that are the most important to you.

I found crafting with my hands as a girl spending time with my grandmothers. Both of whom were always beautiful seamstresses. They quilted, sewed, mod-poged, collected buttons, knitted and taught me everything I would let them. I could be found for hours looking through the fabric and buttons. Sewing requires a patience I do not believe I have anymore.

I took their love of creating and found my way. I started as girl making friendship bracelets and beading some. In my twenties I began wire-wrapping. Then I found myself looking for a job and wanting to contribute to my household. So I broke out all the supplies to begin with as little start up as possible and began making friendship bracelets with button closures and birds nest charm necklaces. MickyAnn was born.

I found metalsmithing in February 2014 and felt as though smithing had been waiting its whole life for me. It recently dawned on me why smithing literally spark a place in my heart. As a child if not sorting buttons with my grandmother, I could be found in the “SHOP” with Papa. Papa was a wielder. Metalsmithing takes me back to the shop.

MickyAnn looks forward to helping you tell your story through metal, stones and collaboration. We can be found all over social media, please follow us to keep up with the lasted pages in our story.


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