• Randi Bryant

Musing at midnight 

I love to travel. Give me a couple days in a new town or city and I no longer need the GPS to go most straight forward places. Or back to the place or places I've been. I also enjoy meeting new people. I have never been known for being shy or quiet. Though in recent months I have begun making an effort to sit back and listen more. It is amazing what you can hear when you are paying attention. Something I keep hearing is just what people do not know that is going on right around them. Whither it is out of fear or selfishness or busyness often times we don't even know what is happening right in our own backyards. My ever present search for events to vend at for the mini human and I, often I find myself having to pick over things to pick the event that will best benefit us. I recently have found myself in a season of learning to rest. I am still learning. But my biggest take away is how each of us can benefit from rest and listening. May 2020 find you intentionally resting and listening. Big Love, Randi

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