• Randi Bryant

A little introduction…

Welcome to my workbench. I want you to make a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer…which ever will warm you from the inside) and step into my studio for as long as you have to stay. I am on a journey at 37 years old and I thought what a wonderful thing it would be to have friends join me on this journey. The destination is unknown, I will tell you that from the very beginning. However, there are several stops I long to make along the way…

  1. Learn to put my design ideas on paper. (I’ll be sharing more and more as we go.)

  2. Make amazing handmade jewelry that stirs emotions and tell stories.

  3. Find a way to use my “art” to work with child and adolescents again and have it be as therapeutic for them as I have found it to be for me. These are not all of the stops they just seem the most important to my thoughts at this moment.

Now why would you want to join me?  I’ll share a bit about me so you know with whom you are joining.        Things about me… Well just a few…

  1. I am the oldest of 5 children and was homeschooled from 3rd grade until I graduated in 2001.

  2. I became a cancer warrior in Dec 2016. That part of my journey because metastatic in Sept 2019.

  3. I get to be Mama to the most wonderful, creative, funny, frustrating, smart, loving, caring 10 year old I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

  4. I am not always the “best” Christian…however God is a HUGE part of my life. There are many stories I could tell about how He has provided for me.

  5. The “ARTS” dance, drama, poetry, sketching, music, sewing, designing got me through that tortured journey of adolescence. They, along with jewelry making, are getting me through this new stage I have come to.

Favorite Things Well the first 8 that come to mind…because this list can become very long.

  1. COFFEE! I mean is there anything else?!

  2. Embroidery floss: oh the things I can do with embroidery floss! You will get to see some as we journey on my friends.

  3. The color grey. I am drawn to it, in clothes, in paint, in embroidery floss…GREY!

  4. Mexican food! Rice, beans, cheese dip, fajitas, tacos, burritos…ALL OF IT!!!

  5. P!NK…the singer. I find her amazing and inspiring.

  6. Memories. All of them, good, bad, scary, ugly– they all served a purpose. Taught a lesson. Spark an emotion.

  7. Framily! They are the people that I have chosen and some that I have not who make up my framily. Fr=friend + amily= Family making Framily!

  8. Birthdays! I firmly believe my birthday is one of the greatest days in history. After all it is the day that the world was introduced to me…therefore everyone’s birthday should be treated as such.

I am open, blunt, and honest to the point of seeming rude at times. I tell you this from the beginning so you are aware.  I have very few secrets so I have many things I will likely share. Welcome again to my bench. I look forward to journeying with you! Big Love, Randi

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