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A bit about me

My name is Randi Brown. Coffee is my lifeline. I could eat Mexican for every meal for the rest of my life. Being called Mama and Auntie are my two favorite titles.

I am a metastatic breast cancer warrior, peer support specialist and metalsmith. Sharing my story to help encourage you during the writing of yours is my goal. 


2021-Present                                         Warrior Artisan: Coaching for                                                                                 Creatives with Chronic Illness

Chronic illness coaching. 

Peer support through breast cancer diagnosis.

Mindset strengthening through hard seasons. 


2020-Present                                        HeART of Nelson Artisan                                                                                         Collective and Market

Artisan Collective

Book keeping, collective management, jewelry

sales, and creation

2013-Present                                        MickyAnn

Hand-crafted jewelry

Sterling silver, copper, natural stone jewelry. 

Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Custom designs


  • Overcoming hard season with strong mindset tools and strategies 

  • Planning and organization

  • Utilizing art to process emotions and season

  • Program management, data collection and customer service

  • Mindset Strengthing

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